Card Type: Gift Card

  • Issued by: Vietcombank and managed by Takashimaya.
  • Available to any customer who would like to purchase gift cards for friends, relatives, or partners.
  • Cards can be used for multiple transactions until the card balance is zero.
  • Cards can be used in all retail outlets in Takashimaya, Saigon Centre, and restaurants at L28-29 Sedona Suites.
  • Cards are available in the following values/ denominations: VND500,000; VND1 million; VND2 million; VND 5 million.
    ** Note:
    Gift cards issued by Vietcombank can only be used for purchases under or equivalent to the designated amount and cannot be topped up.
    Gift cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal.
    According to Tax Department, receipt will be issued upon purchase, VAT invoice is not applicable for Gift Card.
    *** Please check with staff for the acceptance of a Gift Card before using the service.
    For individual customers: please contact our Customer Service via phone number: 0283 821 1819 or email
    For corporate customers: please access the link: or reach us via phone number: 028.38278555 (09:30 – 18:00) email
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