Let’s dive into starry nights!

Anna Sui has started the next chapter of the modern fairy tale with the release of the Cosmic Sky 2022 version, revealing an image of a dreamy princess carrying beautiful dreams like a fairy filled with joy.

Every drop of Cosmic Sky scent sparkles with a romantic floral-fruit fragrance, taking you to a magical playground in the starry sky. The first fragrance opens with a juicy pear and bergamot orange. The “white, cloudy pillows” made from lilies “float” in the middle of the fragrance. When the fragrance warms and “twists” together like a deep blue galaxy, the soft petals suddenly pop up a soft amber note on your skin, 

“telling” us the story of young girls conquering the mysterious “dreamland,” both peaceful and soaring.

Anna Sui Cosmic Sky at Level 1, Ho Chi Minh City Takashimaya Department Store