The million-dollar family Million Nation welcomed a new member, continuing to stir up the playground of the young, after two earthquakes of the couple “sun in the dark” – the boy 1 Million Parfum and the queen Lady Million Fabulous. notes on the high end

The luxurious aura remains, but 1 MILLION ELIXIR is no longer “the sun in the dark,” and he is distinct from his brothers. What exactly is his secret? Is a new symbol: a golden triangular power gate that brings us closer to the Million Dollar family’s life.

1 MILLION ELIXIR is eye-catching, stylish, and mysterious, capturing all attention and eliciting intense emotions.

The name says it all: an elixir, a sensual AMBER WOODY fragrance woven from precious ingredients hand-picked by hand: flowers. Turkish Damascena rose, woody rose, wild Tonka bean, ecstatic Davana, fine wood grain, and black vanilla…all combined to create a masterpiece. 1 MILLION ELIXIR, a Parfum Intense version that is stronger than ever, hidden with mystery and incredible charm, bringing a sensation of thrill and stimulation, sensual and lingering.

Come to the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Elixir “gold bar” at level 1 Takashimaya Department Store and a series of exclusive gifts at the Paris France Beauty store!