At the time user or customer (hereinafter referred to as “User”) successfully registers to become a Member of Takashimaya under the methods of registration provided in Section 2 hereunder, User hereby acknowledges that User has read, understood and complied with all Member Rules.
References in these Terms of Use to “Takashimaya” or “we” or “our” or “us” refers to Takashimaya Vietnam Ltd., a company duly established and operated under Enterprise Registration Certificate No. 0312505165 issued for the first time on 13 September, 2013, and under Investment Registration Certificate No. 8746548326 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City; owner to manage and operate Takashimaya Department Store (D.S.), located at 92-94 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The Loyalty Program of Takashimaya is organized and managed by Takashimaya Vietnam Ltd. and applicable at Takashimaya D.S. (“Loyalty Program” or “Bonus Point Gift Card Program”).
Member is entitled to participate in the Bonus Point Gift Card Program for the purpose of accumulating bonus points and to enjoy the benefits applied to Member. At anytime, we may change the terms and conditions of the Bonus Point Gift Card Program by modification of such terms and conditions after we successfully inform or register with the competent authorities as requested by law. Any modification or supplementation of the Bonus Point Gift Card Program shall be published and notified to Members of Takashimaya at the applicable time.

  • (a) Granting Bonus Points 
    Members who shop for goods or enjoy services at Takashimaya D.S, or through online channel on Mobile App, except for some services published by us from time to time, accumulate bonus points in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bonus Point Gift Card Program as informed.
  • (b) Expired Bonus Points
    Bonus Points may not be used to redeem the Bonus Point Gift Card if Member does not shop within 365 (three hundred sixty-five) consecutive days.
  • (c) Redemption of Bonus Points
    Bonus Points are to be redeemed directly at the Customer Service Counter, Level 3 of Takashimaya D.S


At anytime, User who has consistently satisfied the conditions in the Member Rules, may, at their discretion, sign up to become a Member using the following methods of registration:

  • Method 1: Directly register at the Customer Service Counter, Level 3 Takashimaya Department Store;
  • Method 2: Sign up by downloading and using the mobile app “Takashimaya Online” (“Mobile App”); or
  • Method 3: Create a Member’s account on the website (“Website”).


  • Individuals who are Vietnamese citizens and are 18 years old or more;
  • Individuals who are fully qualified to properly become a cardholder of a Co-branded Card in accordance with the requirements of JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank);
  • Individuals who are foreigners and have a permanent residence card in Vietnam; or
  • Individuals who are foreigners and have a work permit in Vietnam.


We grant to our Members the right to update and change account information and right to cancel, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to download and use the Mobile App for personal and non-commercial purposes, in accordance with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
A User who has not yet been a Member of Takashimaya D.S, at any time, may register to become a Member of Takashimaya D.S. under our guidance as set forth in Section 2 or may directly contact the Customer Service Counter, Level 3 of Takashimaya Department Store to get more information.
User is requested to create a Member’s account and send his or her private data to us. Upon creating a Member’s account, User is required to provide private information, such as name, email address, phone number, date of birth, sex, nationality, residential address and other information if necessary as requested by us. User shall choose only one (01) [user name] or one (01) phone number for the purpose of registering a user name and one (01) password under our guidance and requirements. Member shall protect and use safely the “User name” and “Password” that are registered to us so as to maintain the account. Member’s data shall be saved by us and used in accordance with these Member Rules, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We reject any complaint relating to the leaking of any “User name” or “Password” due to User’s fault.


Member’s Benefits are described below.  We reserve the right to modify any Member’s benefits in accordance with applicable laws; and at the time at which the benefits are successfully changed, we shall inform the Member in public.


  • Member shall honestly provide accurate data and take responsibility for information provided to Takashimaya;
  • Member shall preserve and protect Member’s account information;
  • Member shall present his or her Cash Smart Card or Credit/Debit Co-branded Card Saigon Centre-Takashimaya-Vietcombank for the purpose of accumulating bonus points. Bonus Points shall only be accumulated by Member if Member shops in accordance with terms and conditions of the Bonus Point Gift Card Program.
  • If it is necessary to clarify the membership of Member, we have the right to request, and Member agrees to provide us, one or all documents to identify the Member.
  • Member, if participating in a promotion program hosted by Takashimaya, wins a prize that is required by law, Member is responsible for paying any taxes and notify third parties regarding his or her membership benefits. We will not be liable for any tax liability, duty or other charges incurred by any member in connection with the issuance of membership benefits or awards. Membership benefits may not be sold, bartered or transferred (other than by us or our agents). Any attempted transfer, sale or barter by Cardholder or on Cardholder’s behalf will be void. We and/or our Bonus Point Gift Card Program affiliates may refuse or recognize any membership benefits that we or our affiliates conclude that such membership benefits may be transferred, sold or bartered.
  •  Member shall coordinate with Takashimaya to resolve user’s complaint (if any).


Member is entitled to cancel the membership of such Member by sending a request to or directly informing us. At the time we confirm the membership is cancelled, Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that all bonus points accumulated up to the time Member makes his or her request to cancel the membership shall be deleted if Member does not redeem them as requested; or bonus points that are insufficient to be redeemed shall be deleted due to cancelation of membership.
 We may cancel accumulated bonus points, or suspend or terminate Member’s membership, at any time with immediate effect, confirmed by written notification to Member, if, in our sole discretion, Cardholder has (a) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws or ordinances, (b) acted in a fraudulent or abusive manner, (c) breached any of these terms and conditions, (d) engaged in fraud or abuse of commissions and usage of award or membership card and membership benefits, or (e) failed to pay any bill when due (if any) and (f) engaged in other prohibited acts. We will also take appropriate legal action if any of the items listed above occurs. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall limit us in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.


Takashimaya may notify Members with respect to bonus points, redemption of bonus points, information of goods/ services, promotional programs or any entertainment activities held in Takashimaya D.S. Notices shall be delivered to Members by sending an email message, or via postal mail, or by posting a message to Member’s account in the Mobile App


If User uses the Mobile App in any way that results in damage to Takashimaya, User must take responsibility for such damage. User agrees to indemnify Takashimaya and our officers, employees and licensors from and against any and all losses as a result of user’s access to or use of the Mobile App or breach of this Member Rules.


(a) These Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
(b) If any part of this Member Rules is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the invalid or unenforceable provisions will be deemed superseded by valid, enforceable provisions that most closely match the intent of the original provisions, and the remainder of the Member Rules will continue in effect.
(c)  Any disputes arising out of, or in connection with this Member Rules shall be settled by the competent courts of Vietnam.


Please contact us at email:; or call us at (028) 3821 1819 to ask any questions about goods or services provided by Takashimaya Department Store.