Since the original Establishment in 1831 as a used clothes store in Kyoto, Takashimaya has continually grown by applying innovative approaches both within Japan and overseas. By doing so we have always introduced new values that sync with the expectations of each era’s customers and society. This history and tradition of constant innovation — after more than 180 years — is now very much part of our DNA.

At present, Takashimaya has 17 department stores in Japan, with 4 more in Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei and Vietnam. Besides our core retail business, our group carries out a range of activities that include development as well as contract and design.

The development business is positioned as our second core focus, after department stores. The active promotion of shopping centers (SC) both in Japan and overseas is overseen by Toshin Development, one of our group’s subsidiaries. We aim to expand the scope of our business, especially in ASEAN nations, as venues for further growth. To that end, we are working on plans to open stores in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2017.

Our company has collected, categorized and exhibited art and historical materials that date back to our foundation. Now on display at the Takashimaya Historical Museum in Osaka, we call these materials “the Takashimaya Archives”, and view them as a management resource. Why? In this rapidly-changing age, in accordance with the Japanese phrase onko-chishin (literally, learning from the past), we want to share and take inspiration from our basic values, such as the Spirit of Challenge and Customers First, by promoting the use of the Takashimaya Archives in future management and business activities.

At Takashimaya we ceaselessly strive to create and provide new values that are based on our spirit of tradition and dedication to innovation for one and all.

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Management Philosophy

'Putting People First'

The Takashimaya group contributes to society by valuing the spirit of believing in people, loving people, and serving people.


  • Service that remains within the heart
  • Contributing to creating vibrant local communities
  • Activities trusted by the community
  • Creation of new lifestyles and cultures that open up the future
  • Unceasing efforts to protect the global environment

Corporate Message

'New Yet Unchanging'

We can renew ourselves because of our tradition. We shall maintain our soothing values rooted in the era.

To retain unchanged that which we wish to keep, but be flexible enough to change with the times.

Our heartfelt services remain unchangeable as we discover what we must change in order to please our customers, with all our sta as one mind. This is how Takashimaya evolves.

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Originally founded in 1831, we strongly value our traditions and history. For over 180 years we have continually provided our customers in Japan — and in recent times overseas — with new values.

  • 1831

    Takashimaya is founded when Mr. Shinshichi I launches a used clothing business on the west side of Matsubara-agaru in Karasuma, Kyoto

  • 1876

    Representatives from the U.S. company, Smith, Baker & Co, visit the shop leading to the first major sales to a foreign market

  • 1888

    Takashimaya wins silver medal at the Barcelona World Expo

  • 1898

    Osaka store opens (Shinsaibashi-suji, Minami-ku)

  • 1899

    Opened Lyon office. (Also opened oces in Tianjin, London, Sydney, New York, and other cities by the early 1990s)

  • 1900

    Tokyo store opens (Nishi-konyamachi, Kyobashi-ku)

  • 1904

    Group registers trademark

  • 1912

    Karasuma store opens (Yakushimae-cho, Takatsuji-sagaru, Karasuma

  • 1916

    New Minami-Demma-cho store (Minami-Denma-cho, Kyobashi-ku)opened in Tokyo

  • 1919

    Takashimaya Dry Goods Store Co., Ltd. is founded (the name changed to Takashimaya Co., Ltd. in December, 1930)

  • 1922

    New Nagahori store opens (Nagahori-bashi-suji, Minami-ku)

  • 1932

    Full opening of Nankai store (Namba-shinchi, Minami-ku)

  • 1933

    New Tokyo store opens (Nihombashi Street)

  • 1952

    Our signature rose-patterned wrapping paper make its debut. After this, roses have always been the symbol of Takashimaya

  • 1958

    Takashimaya New York opens (closes June 2010)

  • 1959

    Yokohama store opens. Licensing contract with Pierre Cardin is signed

  • 1969

    Toshin Development's Tamagawa Takashimaya SC, Tamagawa store opens

  • 1973

    Kashiwa store opens. Takashimaya Paris store opens inside Printemps (closes August 2011)

  • 1992

    Toshin Development's Kashiwa Station Mall opens

  • 1993

    Takashimaya Singapore SC grand opening

  • 1994

    Dayeh Takashimaya opens in Tianmu district on the outskirts of Taipei

  • 1996

    Shinjuku store opens

  • 2000

    JR Nagoya Takashimaya opens

  • 2002

    Takashimaya Iyotetsu opens in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture

  • 2007

    Toshin Development's Nagareyama Okatanomori SC opens

  • 2012

    Shanghai Takashimaya opens

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Takashimaya Group Store Network

With 19 stores within Japan and 4 overseas,we have a good balance between the three major urban areas of Japan.

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Group Business in Japan & Overseas

Group Business in Japan

Group businesses in Japan are designed to strengthen our links with our department stores and increase our brand value. By collecting and utilizing the expertise and strengths of each Group company, we can increase our overall strength and respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

Group Business Overseas

In our overseas businesses we are promoting the expansion of stores in the China and ASEAN regions.

The Singapore Takashimaya SC will celebrate its 20th birthday in 2013, thanks to the support of both the community and tourists from nearby countries.

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Long-term Plan & Growth Strategy

The Takashimaya Group Long-term Plan

Each year, we set out a long-term plan that looks ahead to the next five years. Our management goals for the Group for FY2017 are as follows.

What the Takashimaya Group aims to be

A global retail corporation group which continues to create a relaxing, rich lifestyle hand in hand with its customers.

Basic strategy

With the aim of reforming our Japan based department store business, we will pursue synergistic effects between domestic Group companies and overseas businesses.

Target figures (consolidated)

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